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GARNOME Preview Three: "Jag förlorade mina byxor, men fann kärleken."

GARNOME 0.7.5 - the bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers
and tweakers everywhere - is ready for more tire-kicking and bug-bashing. If
you're dying to try the GNOME 2.0 Desktop, but don't want to fall into the
depraved addictions and co-dependencies of testing from anonymous CVS, then
GARNOME is for you.

This release is very worthwhile for testers - please leap on the GNOME 2.0
Desktop testing bandwagon! Join uber-bug-meister Luis Villa in the #bugs
channel on to contribute.

What's New?

  - Updated packages to most recent snapshot status including: eel, gedit2,
    gnome-applets, gnome-desktop, gnome-media, gnome-mime-data, gnome-panel,
    gnome-session, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs, libglade
    and nautilus.

  - Points to snapshot directory on, because pointing to
    latest/sources is silly!

  - Added aclocaldir patch to librep garball from Dan Nicolaescu. Thanks!

Where do I get it?

The tarball and documentation is available on the GARNOME website:

Happy Testing!

- Jeff

                Patches are like Free Software love letters.                

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