SPEC files for gnome 2.0 beta

I have finished most of the planned updates for the spec files for gnome 2.0 beta. They are starting to be in realy good shape.

All that realy needs to be done still is replacing tabs with spaces, and some small other cosmetic work. Some issues still exists, but are related to a libtool bug which causes libraries not to be created when the DESTDIR is not the prefix dir, but hopefully those bugs are being worked on by the gnome hackers.

Overview of changes since the last time i pushed out a spec file set:

- Completely reworked dependency list (created a new tool that autogenerates this from configure.in macro's)
- Fixed %find_lang macro for tons of packages
- Reworked %files lists of packages (and in the process created a new tool to automate this) - A slew of minor fixes, proper instalation of gtk-doc, good scrollkeeper bookkeeping, etc..

Also i have created some new spec files for the recently releases gnome-terminal, nautilus-mozilla/gtkhtml, the new gnome-core components (panel, desktop and session), the gnome db packages, and gal2 / libole2 / gnumeric.

I'll build and upload the (S) RPMS proper once the last cosmetic changes are finished, but since other people started to do there own spec files to, i figured it be good to get the first update out there before we get to much duplication of effort.

You can find the latest snapshot spec files at:


   -- Chris Chabot

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