Re: Latest SPEC files for GNOME2

Gregory Leblanc wrote:

On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 10:50, Chris Chabot wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I have finished the todo items on my list for the spec files for the gnome 2 packages.

Cool!  Have you looked at the latest spec files/packages on  In particular, things like gtk+, pango, ORBit2, and so
on have been split into more packages, and removed the 2 from the file
names.  Everyone except for me hates the renaming, but at least look at
the library splits.

The new rpms have -libs in a separate binary package.  This will let you
install multiple versions of libs, something which tends to be important
for GNOME.

It is probably important for unstable libs, but seems pointless for stable libs (like gtk+, etc are about to become). It may make sense while gnome 2.0 still isn't out, but it doesn't seem like a particularly important thing to do (and just complicates packaging if people want to remerge things when we go stable).

Also, it doesn't really handle "stacks" of libraries. I didn't release a new devel version of libglade for each new gtk+ release. The 1.99.7 release was good for a number of gtk+ releases, but you would get slightly different libraries (the dynamic dependencies would be different).

 As an example from GNOME 1...  Say you have gnumeric and
gtkhtml installed, and compiled against the same gnome-print, which is a
few versions behind the latest.  A new gnumeric release is made, and
linked against the latest version of gnome-print.  When you try to
upgrade your copy of gnumeric, you find that it needs the new
gnome-print, but when you try to upgrade gnome-print, it says that it
will break gtkhtml.  Argh!

these are unstable libs, where such a split makes sense. Unstable packages that we expect many people to use should try to allow multiple versions to be installed (as these examples do).

The new split of packages will allow you to install the newer
gnome-print-libs package, giving you two copies of the shared libraries
for gnome-print.  One for each of gtkhtml and the new gnumeric.


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