a control design issue


I am currently in the process of porting GGV to GNOME 2 and have the
following design issue with postscript viewing control:

should the viewport functionality (ie scrolling) be implemented on the
control-side (ie the control provides scrollbars, panning...), or should
the control just create a (sometimes large) window into which the
postscript is rendered and let the container (ggv shell, nautilus)
provide a viewport of its own desire. I have looked at eog and it
provides scrolling functionality on the control-side, but I have leaned
toward the second solution which would let the container decide on the
viewport looks (the ggv shell could use a scrollpane instead of the
control's scrollbars). but how would nautilus & evolution handle that
case? would they create an appropriate viewport for an oversized control
or would they merely show just a part of it?

can someone give me an advice on what is the proper way to go?



email: jaka gnu org
w3:    http://pluton.ijs.si/~jaka

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