Re: profterm's eel usage ...

Sander Vesik <sv117949 ireland sun com> writes: 
> > Personally I think the combination of the unstable libs and the
> > occasional temporary c-n-p is OK, assuming we can make 2.2/2.4 type of
> > releases with enough frequency, and I think we can.
> > 
> This very much depends on the frquency (we are still very busy with 2.0)
> and how extensively the features are used. It probably also gets at least
> those pieces of code more tested before inclusion in actual platfom
> libraries. No, it does not mean all inclusions would need to be developed
> that way.

I'm not averse to this, really. We do need some of the upcoming
features - such as file selector, or whatever - to be in a lib where
some people are willing to test them.

I was hoping to bring up this issue as soon as we start in on GTK 2.2
plans. (But anyone else can feel free, when they start planning the
next point release of other platform libs.)

Maybe we can prototype three different filesel designs, in each of
eel, gal, and gnome-desktop! ;-)


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