Telsa pointed out this prime G2D encouragement material on IRC. Everyone
should be dogfooding and sending bugs to bugzilla! Yum yum yum!

  DOG FOOD by Iggy Pop

  I'm hanging around that same old scene
  My girlfriend Betsy she's just fourteen
  There's nothing better for me to do
  I'm living on dog food

  Dog food is so good for you
  It makes you strong and clever too
  Dog food is a current craze
  Eat some every day

  I chew up my "Sunday Mirror"
  I read about the rich I fear
  Dog food is my whole life
  Dog food composes my wife

  Yum yum yum - Woof woof woof - Arf arf 

- Jeff

   "She sped into the parking lot, the door flew open and there she was,    
   dressed only in a black bathing suit and sunglasses. I got in and she    
     reversed straight into another car. Classic Carine." - Stephen Gan     

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