Error in Relinking (was: Question about ORBit2, gnome-canvas & gnome-ui)

Hi Evandro, thanks for the hints!

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini wrote:
Em Dom, 2002-02-24 ās 09:11, Chris Chabot escreveu:
What could explain this behaviour? Are some dependencies missing?

The problem (I think) is that the linker is trying to use the ORBit2
libraries that are in /usr/lib instead of ../src/.libs and therefore
can't find them. If you pay attention you'll see some error messages
during %makeinstall.

Btw, gail also has this problem (only libgailutil* is installed,
libgail.* is missing). If you manually copy the libgail.* libraries to
/usr/lib after running make, next time you run %makeinstall the
libgail.* files will be created.

Yep, i ran thru the output logs of the affected packages, and during the make install, it shows a message "Warning: relinking .... ". (I don't quite know why this happens though).

However, the sequence that causes this makes sence.. Since the makefile is using $PREFIX/lib as library include path, and not it's own .libs, it can not re-link the file, and the file is thus history..

(i presume it is relinking during install since its using a different library dir?)

This bug ofcource doesnt show up when the $prefix is the same as the destdir.. since the libs needed to relink are present.

However _any_ packaging tool i know (rpm, but also deb, etc), make install into a different destdir, so would have this bug. Basicly making the packages unpackagable ? ;-)

Shall i file bug-reports in bugzilla for the affected packages?
(libgnomeui, libgnomecanvas, libgail, ORBit2), or is anyone actively working on this?

	-- Chris

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