Question about ORBit2, gnome-canvas & gnome-ui

I've been working on building some redhat packages for the latest gnome2 releases, and i've ran into some weird behaviour that i can not explain.

When i build ORBit2 in a 'clean' envirioment (ie, only required libs installed, and no other gnome2 libs/apps), it does _not_ create the /usr/lib/orbit-2.0/Everything_module.* files. However, when i re-build ORBit2 when everything has been compiled, it does create these files!

The same goes for gnome-canvas & gnome-ui glade libs in /usr/lib/libglade/2.0/* files (ie: libgnome and libcanvas .a/.la/.so). When rebuilding these libs when everything has been installed, those files are created.. (in the above case, i have a valid libglade2 installed)

What could explain this behaviour? Are some dependencies missing?

   -- Chris Chabot

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