Re: new easy GNOME2 CVS build script

- 0.0.8 - crap! before release of 0.0.7 i added some quick feature and
	  it fscked the whole script. please excuse this and accept the
	  update here.

please excuse this. grab from my homepage if you run 0.0.7 then just
replace and restart the 0.0.8 no need to do anything else.

On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 10:46, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> 21-02-2002:
> -0.0.7	- fixed a minor issue with galaxymode.
> 	- fixed some minor issues with ui output.
> 	- rearranged a complete code sequence now if the directory you
> 	- support to strip binaries during installation. this works
> 	  if your binutils support this. it's known to be broken on
> 	  some systems.
> 	  point at doesn't exists then this script will create the
> 	  complete directory hierarchy. it's not limited to galaxymode
> 	  anymore.
> 	- better handling of CVSROOT e.g. if people have an account and
> 	  they already exported it then our CVSROOT overwrites it. this
> 	  issue has been nailed down.
> 	- exporting of some important environment flags e.g. if one
> 	  installs into a different location so we need to make sure
> 	  that the binary, library etc. paths are becomming valid.

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Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
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