Re: galeon and ximian gnome2

fflewddur <fflewddur dropline net> writes: 
> From a fresh reboot, if i startup gnome-1, open a terminal, source in
> gnome-head, and start the gnome2 panel, the applets won't get the proper
> values from gconf.  this is most visible with multiload, which doesn't
> display anything if it's started while gconfd-1 is running.  if i kill
> gconfd-1 and restart the gnome2 panel, everything works fine.  however,
> gnome-1 apps which use gconf (namely galeon) cease functioning if
> started past this point.  if i already have a galeon window open, then
> kill gconfd-1 and start gnome-panel-2, galeon will continue to work. 
> the orbit2 debugging info spits out this if i start galeon while
> gconfd-2 is running:

This surprises me a bit, since CVS HEAD gconf 1 is supposed to start
gconfd-2, never gconfd-1, if the two gconf are in the same prefix anyhow.
> i also can not start gconfd-2 manually while gconfd-1 is running; it
> doesn't print out any sort of error message, it simply fails to
> start.

It will have logged something to syslog about failure to get the
gconfd lock.

Have a look at the Galeon FAQ on gconfd troubleshooting to get some
ideas on how to debug this stuff:


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