Re: problems with applets

> ===========Context menus===============
> Serious problems:
> Dictionary Applet (only a button, can't popup a menu)
> CD Player (most of it is buttons, can't get a menu on them)
> Command Line (menu does not merge in "remove" and "move")
> Screenshot Taker (can't get menu on most of the applet, even when you do
> doesn't merge in "remove" and "move)
> Mild problems (these ones are "ok", but they do have large areas on
> which you can't right click):
> Stock Ticker (can get a menu on the ticker, but not the buttons)
> Modem Lights (can't get a menu on the connect button)

i'd add that the command-line and screen shot applets don't scale well
with small panels. there are also a few applets which still do not use
instant apply dialogs (i'm working on fixing these in my meager amount
of free time) and hardly any of them are hooked up to gconf.  i did some
investigating of the right-click menu issue and found that if we don't
call panel_menu_setup_menu then the "move" and "remove" right-click
menus will work, or if you start a second instance of one of those
applets, the right-click menu will work for each successive instance. 
it sounds like another bonobo issue, rather than an applet problem.  we
also need to fix the applets to call bonobo_main_quit in their destroy
signal handlers, in addition to making the "remove" menu item emit a
"destroy" signal; currently, the mixer applet exits properly if the
panel is closed, but it doesn't receive the destroy signal if you use
the right-click menu (which, coincidentally, is only visible once you've
started multiple instance of the applet).


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