Re: problems with applets

On 16 Feb 2002 23:28:28, fflewddur wrote:

> > ===========Context menus===============
> > Serious problems:
> > 
> > Dictionary Applet (only a button, can't popup a menu)
> > CD Player (most of it is buttons, can't get a menu on them)
> > Command Line (menu does not merge in "remove" and "move")
> > Screenshot Taker (can't get menu on most of the applet, even when you do
> > doesn't merge in "remove" and "move)
> > 
> > Mild problems (these ones are "ok", but they do have large areas on
> > which you can't right click):
> > 
> > Stock Ticker (can get a menu on the ticker, but not the buttons)
> > Modem Lights (can't get a menu on the connect button)
> > 

I can add hacks to get the right click working for the applets. Either the
cdplayer or drivemount has a hack to send the button press event to the
PanelApplet widget. 

> i'd add that the command-line and screen shot applets don't scale well
> with small panels. there are also a few applets which still do not use
> instant apply dialogs (i'm working on fixing these in my meager amount
> of free time) and hardly any of them are hooked up to gconf.  

All the applets in gnome-applets use instant apply right now except screenshooter, but I will probably remove that soon in favor of the panel screenshooter. I
have local patches for mailcheck and clock applets in gnome-panel. Of course
there are bugs in some of the prefs dialog but that is what bugzilla is for.
Also most applets use gconf now - 
[kevin localhost gnome-applets]$ find -name *.schemas    

which leaves out mini-commander and screenshooter.

i did some
> investigating of the right-click menu issue and found that if we don't
> call panel_menu_setup_menu then the "move" and "remove" right-click
> menus will work, or if you start a second instance of one of those
> applets, the right-click menu will work for each successive instance. 
> it sounds like another bonobo issue, rather than an applet problem.  we
> also need to fix the applets to call bonobo_main_quit in their 

Fixed in cvs right now. Applets should not have to call bonobo_main_quit.

> signal handlers, in addition to making the "remove" menu item emit a
> "destroy" signal; currently, the mixer applet exits properly if the
> panel is closed, but it doesn't receive the destroy signal if you use
> the right-click menu (which, coincidentally, is only visible once you've
> started multiple instance of the applet).

Again same issue as before.

> todd


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