problems with applets

We still have some applets that are either not removable or have
locations where the context menu doesn't appear (mostly these are on
buttons). Users are left with an applet they can't get rid of without
removing the panel. I would rather turn these applets off than ship
applets that users can't move or remove.

===========Context menus===============
Serious problems:

Dictionary Applet (only a button, can't popup a menu)
CD Player (most of it is buttons, can't get a menu on them)
Command Line (menu does not merge in "remove" and "move")
Screenshot Taker (can't get menu on most of the applet, even when you do
doesn't merge in "remove" and "move)

Mild problems (these ones are "ok", but they do have large areas on
which you can't right click):

Stock Ticker (can get a menu on the ticker, but not the buttons)
Modem Lights (can't get a menu on the connect button)

===========Right Drag===================
The majority of applets currently don't support right dragging to move.
This isn't a serious issue, but it is a regression from 1.4.

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