Re: libgnomeui using deprecated GTK+ APIs in its own API

Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> writes:
> Libgnomeui has a few interesting spots where it exposes deprecated GTK+
> APIs in its own API.  For example,
> void
> gnome_client_request_interaction_interp (GnomeClient *client,
> 					 GnomeDialogType dialog_type,
> 					 GtkCallbackMarshal function,
> 					 gpointer data,
> 					 GtkDestroyNotify destroy);
> The _interp set of functions is likely to be highly obsolete because
> GTK+ 2.0 completely changed the type system and thus the way it is
> supposed to integrate with language bindings.
> So, what should we do here?  Surround these prototypes with #ifndef
> LIBGNOMEUI_DISABLE_DEPRECATED or something like that, or convert them to
> GClosure and friends and thus breaking code that uses them?

No there's no way we should remove them at this point. They aren't
hurting anything.


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