Re: gnome-file-selector

Some one should point out that the file-selector is one of the bigest hangups that people write about on the slashdot/gnome/etc message boards. It's a 'real issue' to 'users'. I gues in this case, im the sucker thats the 'some one' thats pointing it out ;-)

Ofcource i'm not writing this from a technical perspective, but a file selector does define a lot of the user's experiance of 'how difficult' the system is to use. The default gtk file selector makes the system feel very arcane as soon as the user opens or saves a file. (though nautilus definatly solved this problem relating to file browsing). And i've seen it scare of more then one (not to computer savy) person.

Anyhow, not saying that we should delay releases for it, just trying to point out that for a 'user' it would be of great added value for his desktop experiance.

   -- Chris

Calum Benson wrote:

Michael Meeks wrote:

       I wouldn't invest too much time in gnome-file-selector, since it's
mainly a curio at this stage - and will need a good chunk of work to get
it to the point that it's widely usable. Definately a post 2.0 feature.

Suits me fine, although that makes the fact that a core app like gedit2
is using it a little worrying from an accessibility viewpoint... unless
it's already fully accessible, of course  :)


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