Will there be user/newbie friendly printer access in Gnome 2?


Will there be a common way to access and configure printers in Gnome 2?
I couldn't find any docs about it, but I admit that I haven't searched 
intensely. Havoc's document on user visible changes didn't mention it
What I'm thinking about is something similar to KDE's way of doing it
that is known to every Windows and Mac user too:

1.) A control-center applet that lets one set up printers, names,
drivers, default paper size etc, probably plugin based to accomodate
different printing architecures (CUPS, lp, etc)
2.)A way to access stuff that needs to be set per print job
(color/B&W/grayscale, resolution, ...) directly from the printing dialog
of the application.

The lack of these causes no end of grief to my girlfriend, and I can't
say that I like it either. Having to use a completely different way of
access (gtklp, CUPS web interface) seems very non-intuitive to me, and I
don't want to remember printer names to use in lp -P .
I want an easy way to print the same doc in draft modes and in high-res
mode without having to leave the app. A newbie friendly way to set up
CUPS permissions and the like would be great, too.

Is this planned? Is it already there and I'm stupid? (I tried with
gedit2, but I only get a missing fonts error [this is in G2D2, garnome
0.6.0), so I wouldn't see it if it were there.

Thanks for info, M.

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