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Perhaps it's a bit early for them yet. Sorry to wake you.

Anyway, Beta Monday is already over in some dark areas of the planet (check
xearth, it's really true), and only just dawning in others... Meanwhile,
lots of new tarballs out:

  librsvg, eel and nautilus
  libgtop, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-utils and gnome-applets
  eog, nautilus-gtkhtml (hooray! first tarball release), gedit2 and libwnck
  the NEW gnome-terminal, and gconf-editor (first tarball releases!)
  linc (twice! beat that!), ORBit2, libbonobo(ui) and libgnome(ui)
  libgnomeprint and libgnomecanvas

But, there's about a day left of hackery to go for bugfix cramming before we
release... G2DB. Got to Donate Beer. No, no...

  The GNOME 2.0 Desktop Beta

Thanks everyone,

- Jeff

       o/~ In spite of all those keystrokes, you're addicted to vim.        
                              *ka-ching!* o/~                               

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