This latest in the stunning range of gnome-core releases for
2.0 comes complete without a terminal, so if you want to give your
grubby little mits access to a shell, you'll want to use the all new
and sparkling terminal for gnome 2.0, profterm ...

What's Changed in 1.5.8 ?

        * Plug an atrocious amount of leaks (Mark)
        * Load applets in an idle handler (Mark)
        * Use the correct repository ID for applets (Mark)
        * Use the all the applet moniker items (Mark)
        * Lots more keynav work (Padraig)
        * Menu properties saving to gconf (Mark)
        * Solaris mis-alignment bugfix (Mark)
        * Use bonobo-activation per-display registration (Mark)
        * Menu Panel clock translation fixage (Takayuki KUSANO)
        * Event stretching cleanup (Mark)
        * struts hints fixing (Havoc)
        * Applet saving fixes (Mark)
        * Fix applet popup menu (Richard Hult)
        * Run dialog box fixes (Mark, George)
        * .desktop file charset conversion fix (Gediminas Paulauskas)
        * Lots of menu work (George)
        * remove cruft from Panel idl (Mark)
        * fix build (Jacob)

Panel Applet Library

        * generic applet flags api (Mark)
        * use GConfClient to kill gconf warnings (Mark, Gediminas)
        * allow PanelApplet to be derived from (Mark)
        * item handler for initial size, orient and background (Mark)
        * applet developer's testing utility (Mark)
        * panel_applet_get_background implementation (George, Mark)
        * plug leak (Mark)
        * applet focus (Padraig)
        * shift+F10 applet menu popup (Padraig)
        * kill getExpandFlags idl (Mark)
        * build fix (Jacob)

        * tasklist and pager prefs dialog button fix (Jorn Baayen)
        * updates for libpanel-applet changes (Mark)
        * initial applets size and orient fixage (George)

        * tasklist, pager, mailcheck and clock docs (John Fleck)
        * man pages (Christian Marillat, Kjartan)

        * remove gnome-terminal from build (Mark)
        * .desktop files fixing (Mark)
        * distcheck fixes (Mark)
        * use intltool to translate .desktop files (Gediminas)
        * plug libgnome-desktop leaks (Mark)
        * gsm build fix (Jacob)
        * logout dialog box usability fix (Gediminas)
        * gnome-login-check dns simplification (Mark)
        * include config.h in translatable files (Kjartan)

        * Gediminas Paulauskas, Duarte Loreto, Kjartan Maraas, Ole Laursen,
          Pauli Virtanen, Hasbullah Bin Pit, Takayuki KUSANO, Changwoo Ryu
          and Duarte Loreto.

Where can I get this baby ?

Good Luck,

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