1.4.1, gtk-engines, integration

Hi all, Kjartan,

I spoke to Kjartan earlier about integration issues between 1.4.1 and 2.0,
particularly about the default GTK+ theme. Here are some ideas for dealing
with look and feel integration between the two platforms:

  - Shipping 1.4.1 with 'Raleigh' as the default GTK+ theme - as that is
    currently the default theme for 2.0 - means we can rely on a similar
    look and feel in the 1.x and 2.x default configurations.

  - Shipping a gtk-engine module for each platform containing the same
    themes means we can provide some popular themes that work on both.
    Some work has been done on ThinIce (Richard? Not sure where this is at),
    Seth has ported Crux (hammering a few remaining bugs out), and Owen has
    already published some pixmap theme crack^Wbeautiful art. This doesn't
    cover all of the themes in the 1.4.x gtk-engines module, but these are
    arguably the most popular themes.

  - Shipping metathemes for these makes it really easy to change between
    them. :) Richard mentioned that a GTK+ 1.x metatheme module was already

Owen, Richard and Kjartan may wish to discuss this further. :)

- Jeff

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