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Just a heads up on the GNOME1/GNOME2 integration work I'll be doing
sometime soon. If you have any comments/issues, now would be a good time
to bring them up.

-- Zaphod
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Hi all,

I found Richard on IRC, so I bugged him about the gnomecc stuff. :)

He was quite positive about hacking in the integration stuff so that we can
require only the GNOME 2 gnomecc with G2D. Some notes:

  - many settings are much the same; sound, screensaver, mouse/keyboard,

  - gtk+ themes are a bit of a problem, but metathemes should be able to
    handle that fairly elegantly. (i managed to write 'metacity' instead of
    'metathemes' here... yeesh. brain turns to mush.)

  - fonts are very different, and can only be interpreted from gtk+ 2 names
    to gtk+ 1 names, not the other way around. Luckily, that's all we need.

  - it does not need to be parallel installable -> G2D replaces the 1.x
    desktop components completely (ie. you cannot choose to run the 1.x
    desktop OR the 2.x desktop)

  - 1.x options that do not exist in 2.x should be switched to their 2.x
    defaults -> only 2.x options will be configurable

  - that means we need a first-time conversion process of some sort. Richard
    is going to speak to the gnome-doorman hackers about a port to G2D, and
    work on the conversion requirements.

Richard said he'd be able to hack on a lot of this - perhaps not the
conversion and doorman stuff - over the weekend. Very cool of him. :)
However, this does introduce a lot of stuff that we should thoroughly test,
so... do we need to alter the schedule to deal with that?

Thanks heaps Richard,

- Jeff

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