The NEW gnome-terminal!

Hi all,

After considering the discussion here, on the release team list with Havoc's
input, and during our conference call meeting this morning, we're proposing
to replace the current gnome-terminal code with Havoc's profterm for the
GNOME 2.0 Desktop release.

Under this proposal, Havoc will continue to maintain the profterm code
separately from gnome-core [1], and it will be renamed to gnome-terminal.


  - both gnome-terminal and profterm have remaining issues to fix before
    release (fonts, general bugs, etc)
  - profterm is a far cleaner codebase to work with, which will hopefully
    encourage more work than gnome-terminal does
  - we should put all of that work into a single module

If anyone has serious objections to this, please raise them now, as we're
dangerously close to beta.


- Jeff

[1] There is some interest in splitting gnome-core into separate panel and
gsm modules too, but that can be worked out later. ;)

      "Love never misses the chance to put the boot in." - Kelly, SLOU      

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