Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

<quote who="Miguel de Icaza">

> The idea is very fine.  But that should happen in GNOME 2.1.  Everyone had
> agreed that the 2.0 release is just a platform switch and not a desktop
> application switch.
> I think we had beaten over this subject plenty before.

Sure, but I think you'll be surprised at the number of enhancements that
have already gone in to the 2.0 desktop. This is more of a developer issue,
however - there is no significant change for users here.

We have to weigh up the benefits of continuing the development of profterm
and gnome-terminal, considering our schedule. Do we continue to work on a
difficult codebase in gnome-terminal, or fall back to a simpler codebase
with a very clear maintainer?

Havoc has committed to this work, so whilst this is a late change, I don't
believe it is costly to our schedule or development time at all.

- Jeff

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