Re: Deprecated calls in libzvt

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 11:18, Deepa wrote:
> Jacob,
> libzvt Makefile did not have -Wall by default. Now, I have compiled with -Wall and
> all of the deprecated flags defined.  I was not able to find replacement for these 2
> deprecated calls:

the makefile shouldn't have -Wall as it's a gcc flag.  i have it set in
my CFLAGS such that everything i built automagically gets it.

> * gdk_input_add() - This in turn calls  gdk_input_add_full() which is also
> deprecated. I was not able to find a replacement for this as yet.

if you look at the implementation of gdk_input_add_full() you will see
it calls g_io_add_watch_full() which is what you will want to use.

> * gdk_x11_font_get_xfont() - You suggested replacing GDK_FONT_XFONT with this call.
> But  gdk_x11_font_get_xfont() is also deprecated. I could not find any replacement
> for this too.

right, but you need to use GdkFont rather than PangoFont.  there is no
getting around this.  I just recommended using it so you didn't have to
use the deprecated calls in gdkx.h but i didn't see that
gdk_x11_font_get_xfont() was in there.  so just ignore that bit of my
previous mail.

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