Re: Equivalents for gdk_input_remove,gdk_input_add etc

Paul Davis <pbd op net> writes:
> last time i looked at the replacement functions, their interface was
> intimidating in the extreme. it required me to understand a *LOT* more
> about glib than i wanted to. by contrast, gdk_input_*() were pitched
> at exactly the right level. i spent 10 minutes or so trying to
> understand g_io_channel_add_watch() and gave up.

I agree there should be a g_input_add() type of thing. One for

It's really not hard though (you just create an IO channel using
g_io_channel_unix_new(), g_io_channel_add_watch(), then
g_io_channel_unref()). The only difference is having to wrap the file
descriptor in the IOChannel deal.


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