Re: Deprecated calls in libzvt

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 10:44, Deepa wrote:
> Hi Jacob
> I am sorry about these. I have now fixed all the three problems. 

something else that i just noticed is that it doesn't build with
as there are still some GDK calls other than gdk_font calls.

what i suggest doing is adding:

    #include <gdk/gdkfont.h>

to the files that need GdkFont support after the rest of their
includes.  if it doesn't build because GdkFont uses other deprecated
APIs, then that's ok but otherwise give this a try.

> I have not
> removed the typecast for other g_signal* functions as of now. If you want me
> to do that, I can deliver a separate patch.

no, it's fine without this.

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