Re: Garnome and RH7.2

You might just try looking in /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions, copy Gnome to Gnome2 and hackaway
Brent Bailey wrote:

Does anyone have some experience setting up Garnome in RH7.2 to enable swapping between Gnome1.4 and Gnome2?

I have already discussed this with Jeff, but he is working on Debian. He had suggested the creation of a .xsession file in my home directory, and then choosing Xsession in GDM. But as there is no such option in RH, I was wondering if anyone has some knowledge in this.

I tried using Failsafe, then starting it through there using

exec -l $Shell -c "$Home/.xsession"

As you might be able to figure, I don't know a lot about these configuration scripts...



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