Re: garnome question :)

<quote who="Mario Vukelic">

> Thanks. I was unclear. I understood the file URL stuff. What was unclear
> was "prepend" and if there is just a space as separator.

I'll make that clearer in the conf file. It actually means that FILE_SITES
is prepended to the list of places where GAR will look for tarballs, but
that's kind of a developer-centric notion. :)

> But nevermind, it works already and pulling packages like mad. I think
> it's unfortunate that it only seems to work with *.tar.gz files, though.
> All my nice *.bz2 balls were ignored.

You can change the garballs' Makefiles to refer to .bz2 tarballs if you
want... But yeah, this was one thing I wanted to fix before initial release
but decided it just needed to get out there first.

Hopefully we can provide archive format fallback in the next release.

- Jeff

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