Weird bug, dont know what component to report

I have installed the gnome2 alpha 2 platform on several computers, and i keep running into a very weird bug.

It seems like gedit2 and some other applications, now have 'broken' stock icons (ie, no graphics are shown on _some_ of the toolbar buttons). Sometimes this is accompanied by a nice error on the console that that stock icons doesnt exist any more... So far so good right.

However, the icons that do show, *disapear* on mouse over! (ie, the text under the icon is still showing, the 'button' is highlighted and in 'up' position, however the graphic area where the icons is supposed to be, is blank).

I'm using all the libs from the gnome2 alpha 2 release, including gtk/glib 1.3.13..

Anyone have a clue what could be happening?

   -- Chris

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