Re: Panel Applets (Was Re: Sticky Notes)

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 01:27, Loban A Rahman wrote:

> I think an appropriate short term solution is one of the following
> (1) In the panel menu, right after "Add to panel" and "Delete panel",
> there should be a "Refresh Panel Applets List" option.
> (2) There could be some script to run that signals the panel to rescan
> the applet directory. So rpm's and install scripts could call this
> whenever they install new software.
> In fact, we should have both! It's either that or use FAM (like nautilus
> does) to detect new applets or menu items.

I'd favour the second option - perhaps 'gnome-panel --refresh' which
could be called on install and uninstall, in spec files etc. I don't
think there should be a user visible means of doing this, as it would
almost always have no effect if the install process was handled as
above. Also, its very hard to explain why/when a user would need to
refresh the panel.


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