Re: On disk theme format for icons?

If you people would have actually read the mail, rather than just the
subject, and turned it into some big UI/a11y discussion that the current
gnome-theme-manager is the result of, this probably wouldn't be an
issue. They are themes. Why should they be treated differently or be in
a different directory structure than the themes for metacity and gtk+?
It makes no sense.

-- dobey

On Thu, 2002-12-26 at 20:14, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to fix jrb's theme capplet in gnome-control-center to make it
> more reliable. One oddity I'm noticing is that it only finds icon themes
> in /usr/share/themes. This is because it looks for themes in (in order
> that it looks):
> 1) $HOME/.icons
> 2) gtk_rc_get_theme_dir()/
> 3) /usr/share/icons
> gtk_rc_get_theme_dir() usually maps to $PREFIX/share/themes, which
> contains a bunch of directories like...
> Crux/metacity-1
> Crux/gtk-2.0
> gnome-icon-theme, and the accessibility icon themes, install into
> $PREFIX/share/icons. Consequently, it only shows up if its installed
> with $PREFIX=/usr (because /usr/share/icons is hard-coded).
> My question is...
> Should icon themes be in a separate place from other themes (i.e.
> PREFIX/share/icons) or should there be something like
> PREFIX/share/themes/Crux/icons, and if so, what is the proper directory
> name?
> And if they should be in PREFIX/share/icons, how should I figure out
> what directory to use for PREFIX? Should I use the same base share
> directory as the gtkrc? Should I rely on where the binary was launched
> from?
> -Seth

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