Re: The Importance of Being Frozen

> Hi everyone,
> It's time to make our freeze status uber-clear, so everyone knows where
> we're at. We are:
>   UI FROZEN: No user interface changes may be made on the 2.1.x branch
>     without permission from two members of the release team. Frozen as of
>     Dec 1st (there was a period of flexibility for getting only UI Review
>     bug fixes checked in - it is *over*).

The following ui-review bugs have patches. Maintainers may wish to look
at them and see if they can get release team approval, since they are
probably low-stability-impact and would get GNOME 2.2 that bit more
HIG-compliant. I only mention them because the fixes already exist, and
it seems folly to let them bitrot.

99532 (control-center)
99533 (control-center)
99537 (control-center)
82062 (gnome-terminal) (may be trickier since the glade file may need
diffing and merging)

Let's all freeze for Christmas.


Version: 3.1
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