Re: The Importance of Being Frozen -- contol center capplets

Il gio, 2002-12-19 alle 09:01, Jeff Waugh ha scritto: 
> What are these for / what do these change? Are you using the Ximian
> snapshots? (There are control-center glade file problems with it).
They should (partially and only glade stuff) fix the control-center UI

No, I'm using the cvs. But should work, or, already, they work in my PC.
I simply re-design as normal user using glade-2 working on $HOME, then
copy in $prefix/share/control-center-2.0/interface as root. 

Re-make test: they work!!

BTW in current glade file for mouse prefs: 
    ** (glade-2:16038): WARNING **: Unknown widget class:
    I have an empty dialog using glade, so I
    s/MouseCappletCheckButton/GtkCheckButton with emacs. 

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