Re: libgtop for AIX 4.3/5.x


the quoting problem is corrected, seem to be OK with linux.

Patch is at


Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 14:22, Laurent Vivier wrote:

- "uname -v": in fact the goal is to be able to run a libgtop compiled on AIX 4.3.3 (for instance) on AIX 5.1 (for instance).

	  AIX 5.1	AIX 4.3		linux

uname -s  AIX		AIX		Linux
uname -v  1		3		#41 SMP Wed Dec 4 12:56:12 CET 2002
uname -r  5		4		2.4.9
	  7428/43P	7428/43P	Xeon

uname -m  000BACBD4C00	00402F5A4C00 	i686

The test is in libgtop/src/daemon/server.c, line 70. I agree that it's not very clean and could be removed from patch if you think it must.

I did that because my development system is an AIX 4.3.3 and my test machine is an AIX 5.1.

Well, it currently breaks the build. Either you wrap it better (more
quotes hey), or drop it. I don't see anything wrong with it otherwise.

- ENABLE_STATIC: with AIX, dynamic and static libraries are the same and called lib<name>.a, so this flag introduces some problems. I think it's better to let libtool to manage this kind of thing

Other than that, could you update the patch against current CVS ? That's
the libgtop-GNOME-2-0-port branch of libgtop.

Sorry, I have no access to CVS...

Not a problem, it applies nearly cleanly, so could be merged once you
have fixed the problem above.

Anybody else having issues with the patch, or will it be OK for me to
merge it once done ?


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