Re: libgtop for AIX 4.3/5.x

Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Mon, 2002-12-02 at 12:43, Laurent Vivier wrote:


I've written a port of libgtop to AIX. Is there someone to validate and integrate it ?


Seems good, apart from the changes to src/daemon/ which break
the build on Linux (uname -v returns things like: "#1 Wed Aug 7 11:39:21
EDT 2002"). Why do you need this version number (I didn't find it used
anywhere)? And why did you remove the "if ENABLE_STATIC" conditionals ?

- "uname -v": in fact the goal is to be able to run a libgtop compiled on AIX 4.3.3 (for instance) on AIX 5.1 (for instance).

	  AIX 5.1	AIX 4.3		linux

uname -s  AIX		AIX		Linux
uname -v  1		3		#41 SMP Wed Dec 4 12:56:12 CET 2002
uname -r  5		4		2.4.9
	  7428/43P	7428/43P	Xeon

uname -m  000BACBD4C00	00402F5A4C00 	i686

The test is in libgtop/src/daemon/server.c, line 70. I agree that it's not very clean and could be removed from patch if you think it must.

I did that because my development system is an AIX 4.3.3 and my test machine is an AIX 5.1.

- ENABLE_STATIC: with AIX, dynamic and static libraries are the same and called lib<name>.a, so this flag introduces some problems. I think it's better to let libtool to manage this kind of thing

Other than that, could you update the patch against current CVS ? That's
the libgtop-GNOME-2-0-port branch of libgtop.

Sorry, I have no access to CVS...



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