Re: dev environment for starters

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 10:13:07PM -0500, John Palmieri wrote:
> Just a warning with two version of GNOME 2 installed on a system.  I did
> an install on RedHat 8 for a GNOME 2 presentation I did at my local
> lug.  When logging in under the same username the garnome build would
> screw up the session for the 2.0 redhat build to a point that nothing
> showed up in the application menus or vfolders.  Logging on as a
> different user would get me a working 2.0 desktop as long as I didn't
> use garnome under that user.

I believe that was a gnome-vfs bug - it would create a blank menu file
in ~/.gnome2/vfolders, which blocked the main system menu file.  It
should be fixed now.

We would generally consider it a bug if one version of GNOME
interferes with the configuration of another version - if people
change the meaning of configuration keys, they are supposed to rename
those keys.


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