Re: ALSA mixer


> Are there any plans for including an ALSA mixer into the standard Gnome
> releases, or incorporating code into the standard one to support it?
> Which would be the best approach to doing this, if not? Or are there
> grander plans in place (i dunno, more integration with gstreamer,
> maybe)?
> Currently systems using ALSA have to load the OSS emulation to be able
> to use the mixer, which is a shame, since everything else in gnome
> (thanks to gstreamer) supports ALSA out of the box. Wait, i take that
> back, I think the basic sound recorder doesn't. Perhaps it should?

Actually, it's probably exactly the reverse ;) the sound recorder will 
support it since it uses gstreamer, but all other things won't 
(nautilus-media being the exception) since they don't use gstreamer ;)



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