Re: GnomeVFS maintainership change - hmm

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 05:48:24PM +0000, Michael Meeks wrote: 
> 	Not exhaustive - just picked a few out of the list. While I'm most
> happy with old the current arrangement whereby I can commit fixes as
> appropriate to gnome-vfs and have no desire to be maintainer - I think
> it is important that the maintainership acurately reflects those people
> doing the real work.

It's fairly unfun to discuss this kind of issue in a big mailing list
thread; I'm not sure how you discuss the strengths and weaknesses of
various possible maintainers without making everyone involved come out
feeling unhappy. But ignoring your mail isn't really an option either,
so, yay.

I know of several people (from several affiliations including "none,"
so no conspiracy theories please) who have expressed concerns about
the technical directions proposed by Alex G. so far - I think that's
pretty much the issue. To avoid blaming "them", I will go ahead and
say that I also trust Alex L. more to keep things on track.  Alex G
can certainly write good code, but I feel that Alex L has better
perspective on the big picture including nautilus, KDE, and GTK+, and
issues such as stability/dependencies.

That's not to say other people can't work on the code and make good
contributions, just that I see the value in Alex L helping keep things
on track. Hopefully everyone can work together.


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