Re: GnomeVFS maintainership change - hmm

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 11:22, Seth Nickell wrote:
> It is clear that (particularly during this quarter) I have not had
> adequate time to maintain GnomeVFS, even so much as fixing critical bugs
> and doing releases.


> Consequently I have selected Alex Larsson (alexl redhat com) to replace
> me as a GnomeVFS maintainer. Alex is more than just a good hacker,
> To clarify, that means that the GnomeVFS maintainers are now Ian
> McKellar and Alexander Larsson.

	While I have the deepest respect for Alex's work, and abilities I'm
very disappointed that the current maintainership still doesn't reflect
the situation on the ground or the long-term contributions to gnome-vfs.

	It's true that in the past week Alex L has sorted the 'console:' method
out (from Giovanni Corriga's work), added the ioctl like interface and
done a release. But - I'm concerned that the maintainers should reflect
the people that have been actively working on gnome-vfs, and indeed
maintaining it.

	Here are some blunt tools one might use, eg. greps for sir-names on the
(HEAD) Changelog:

109 - Nickell
60 - McKellar
60 - Meeks
47 - Gravely
24 - Goldberg
10 - Crozat
7 - Fergeau
6 - Larsson

	Not exhaustive - just picked a few out of the list. While I'm most
happy with old the current arrangement whereby I can commit fixes as
appropriate to gnome-vfs and have no desire to be maintainer - I think
it is important that the maintainership acurately reflects those people
doing the real work.

	Thus I would (respectfully) suggest that as a minimum we append Alex
Gravely (to add Alex related confusion :-) to the list of maintainers,
and consider Christophe as well, since he has been stymied by the lack
of anyone who can approve stuff from being more active IMHO.

	Again, Alex has done one of the biggest and ugliest chunks of work in
recent time in the vfs - fixing, expanding and re-writing the vfolder
hack that was there before.



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