GnomeVFS maintainership change

It is clear that (particularly during this quarter) I have not had
adequate time to maintain GnomeVFS, even so much as fixing critical bugs
and doing releases. Perhaps post-graduation I will have some time to
spend on GnomeVFS, but for now I'm choosing to spend the limited time I
can afford for GNOME on more directly usability-related issues.

While there are many new features we can all imagine for GnomeVFS, and
many quirks left to be worked out, I feel like GnomeVFS works pretty
well as it is, and it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't
acquire any new features. More important is that its existing feature
set (which spans all the basic stuff filesystems should be able to do at
this point, with the possible exception of ACLs and extended metadata?)
can be relied upon by existing applications. 

Consequently I have selected Alex Larsson (alexl redhat com) to replace
me as a GnomeVFS maintainer. Alex is more than just a good hacker, he is
also one of the people most impacted by GnomeVFS changes by way of
Nautilus. Thus I feel confident that he will maintain a good focus on
making sure GnomeVFS keeps a stable API and a good feature set for
practical use, though he does not expect to have time for a lot of new
feature development. 

To clarify, that means that the GnomeVFS maintainers are now Ian
McKellar and Alexander Larsson.


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