2.1.4: Bring out your tarballs!

Hey gang,

Now is your chance to join the growing number of Elite GNOME Hackers making
tarball releases for the GNOME 2.1.4 (unstable developer snapshot) release!
It's as easy as make distcheck! (Bwa ha ha!)

Tarballs are due by the end of Monday worldwide for release on Wednesday. We
already have the following:

  Alex Larsson: eel, gnome-vfs, gnome-icon-theme!
  Padraig O'Briain: atk, gail, libgtkhtml!
  Glynn Foster: gnome-utils!
  Bill Haneman: at-spi!
  Owen Taylor: gtk+, pango, glib!
  Havoc Pennington: libwnck!
  Nalin Dahyabhai: vte!
  Chema Celorio: libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui!

Rock on, and thanks!

- Jeff

                 ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.                  

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