Re: GnomeVFS maintainership change

Alexander Larsson wrote:
My vision of GnomeVFS is as a small I/O wrapper library that allows applications to do file I/O in a way much like they are used to, but that can be seamlessly extended to new domains as the need arises in the Gnome project.

I will do my best to keep GnomeVFS a good stable core that allows Nautilus to be the best file manager it can be. At the same time I will try to keep it a small dependency-free core library that all Gnome applications can use without feeling like they are bloating their code or have to follow an unstable complicated API.

Do you (or anybody else) plan on pushing VFS all the way down to GTK+/GLib? This is obviously something for a major number release, I just want to know if somebody else than me feels that this should be done.

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