Re: Windows XP-style login

> I think that if we had this feature, it wouldn't be hard to add another
> feature I'd really like to see; a Windows XP style login.  I was really
> impressed when I used XP for the first time a while ago.  When the
> screensaver kicks in, you can log in not only as the current user, but
> as any other user as well.  So basically the screensaver just becomes a
> login prompt.  I find that very convenient, more than the current "New
> login" GDM thing (although that is nice).

GDM has supported multiple users (running seperate X desktops)
concurrently for a while now. You can configure it to spawn a new
X-server when a user logs in. Then, you can do an alt-shift combo to
return to gdm, and log in as another user (spawning another X-server).

So for example, if gdm was in shift-alt-f6, one user would log in, and
you can access his desktop on shift-alt-f7. Another user could log in
and his would be shift-alt-f8.

I used to use this feature to share my computer with my live-in SO last
summer. Works quite well.
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