Re: PIM syncing idea

Gimli will have Evolution integration, as well as other things.
Having a separate account on a separate jabber server, with all
the transports there, won't help really. You won't be able to
log on to both your IM client, and view contact status in Evo at
the same time. This is a hard problem to solve, and I think there
is still a lot to be thought about yet.

-- dobey

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 22:26, Alexander Gallichon wrote:
> This idea came to me earlier today, it was kinda talked about during the
> GNOME summit earlier this year (right clicking a contact and having the
> ability to message them via GAIM).
> The idea is you have a central collection of information about people,
> like Evolution's contacts, and you have the ability to integrate that
> information with other communications applications, such as GAIM.
> This is very vague the way I'm describing it and have no idea how one
> would go about doing it (whatever it truely is). Perhaps it will inspire
> someone.
> One idea I have is checking the "online" status of contacts within
> evolution, but only using Jabber and similar protocols. You could have a
> central Jabber server group thing for evolution and just have something
> like evo-jab evo-jab [some]. This would always be "online"
> and would be able to see the online status of the contacts. You could,
> perhaps have an icon next to important in evolution that has a little
> status icon showing online/offline/(n/a).
> It doesn't make too much sense written down (at least to me), but
> whatever,
> Hope you get some ideas from this,
> Alex

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