Re: Bugs predicament, and birthday greetings


> 	I started fixing that yesterday but got bored. It'll
> be done in the next couple of days ...

Our leet hackers [1] shouldn't be fixing this type of bug....

Seriously, we should be definitely marking as many bugs with 'easy-fix'
as possible. We should also be advertising these bugs as much as
possible. I've spent the week fixing a few P3's and P4's in Sun's bug
tracker - some of these have been 5 minutes fixes while some of thes
have been 30 minute fixes.

We're always complaining about the lack of people getting involved in
the project, and this really seems the best way to get people involved.
There are *tons* of really easy bugs to fix and we should be totally
encouraging new contributors to work on these bugs.

So, I would really urge maintainers to go through their bugs and mark
any bug that they see as easily fixable as 'easy-fix'.

	Together we can make GNOME a happy place.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

[1] Not in any way trying to embarrass Leet
Hacker Mark McLoughlin Sir Dude Thing.

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