Re: CD burning in gnome

I always make copies to a staging area when burning cd's. You can make it
a requirement for doing the process. Setting aside ~700mb is not that bad
for people wanting to burn cd's. If they can afford a cd burner then they
can afford a gig of space to burn with? If there isnt enough space for the
staging area, then it should just give an out of space message.

Also, rather then putting it in a home dir, it probably should be a system
wide thing. If you have a system wide device like a burner, then there
should be a shared burn staging directory for that device. That way, you
dont waste lots of space amung multiple users.

On 6 Dec 2002, Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:

> Il ven, 2002-12-06 alle 23:17, Bob Smith ha scritto:
> > Only way I can see to make sure the file to burn is the exact one you told
> > it is to make a copy of it until its actually burned. Unless you can
> > somehow figure out when a file is about to be modified and make a copy of
> > it right before its changed. I dont know if notification is that good.
> What happens if there's no space left on the home directory (this seem a
> real situation if a user takes its CD-R to burn a backup of his data)?
> I found both solutions wrong, but I haven't any better idea.
> What comes in my mind now is that this feature shouldn't be part of
> Nautilus at this moment. :((
> --
> Pier Luigi Fiorini
> Rolling GNU/Linux lead developer

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