Re: CD burning in gnome

Il ven, 2002-12-06 alle 21:50, Bob Smith ha scritto:
> User tells the burner to burn file X. He thinks its backed up, then
> deletes it, then the burner doesnt burn it. HE JUST LOST HIS BACKUP! :)
Yeah. It's what I meant.
Unfortunately I haven't a MacOS X copy nor a PPC machine :(( so I can't
see how Mac do it.

Anyway Nautilus should store some where the list of files which are
shown in the cd-r view.
With FAM (as James said) Nautilus will monitor the files in the list and
prevent the user to delete his data. The user can at this point confirm
deletion or burning.

I doubt this approach will works good, as you have thought Nautilus
should burn the first version of the file(s).
How it can store that version?
Pier Luigi Fiorini
Rolling GNU/Linux lead developer

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