Re: Some questions about GNOME

<quote who="Julien Olivier">

> I don't know if that's the right list but I have some questions about GNOME 
> desktop:

It's not the right list - this is desktop-devel-list, used for development
discussion about the GNOME Desktop. The place to ask user questions is
gnome-list gnome org 

>  - Is it possible/will it be possible have an option to align icons on a 
> "grid" on the desktop ?
>  - Why is the Desktop location (.gnome-desktop) hidden ? Why not defaut to 
> ~/Desktop or simply ~/ ? Will there be a shortcut to it in upcoming GTK files 
> dialog ?

You should read Nautilus list archives and bugzilla for discussions about both.

>  - Is there / will there be an applet to hide/show all the windows ? I think 
> it's very useful feature.

There is in RH8 and will be in GNOME 2.2 when it is released.

- Jeff

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