UI review - GEdit summary / PATCHES Welcome!

Hey there,

Although not completely finished, here's what I wrote up from the logs
[1]. This will probably be the last UI review that we're going to get
done - especially considering the the current timeline. Hopefully we'll
get GEdit finished today and maybe Andrew can step forward and put these
bugs into bugzilla again? [2]

Now we just need some people to come along and provide patches for these
fixes. Most of them are probably easy string changes so I reckon that
some of the usability people could probably put together a few patches?

Anyway, we need to get all these fixes done by Dec 31st for the total UI
and string freeze.

Metabug :      http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=98898
Dependancies : http://bugzilla.gnome.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=98898

				See ya,
					Glynn :)

[1] Log as always at http://www.gnome.org/~gman/ui-review 

[2] I've already attached some files to 
    for Paolo's benefit - probably best to use this bug report?

o File menu

	- Icons in recently used file list seem uneccessary, adding to clutter

	- Open Location should have shortcut Ctrl+L for consistancy with nautilus
	- Remove icon from the Open Location menu entry

	- Move Compare menu entry to the Tools menu

	- Move Sort menu entry to the Edit menu

o Main view
	- <Eimi> Did anyone mention all the bevels around the status bar
	  parts of the main window? Might be a bit less visually cluttered
	- Context menus from document tabs should be accessible with shift+f10
		- s/Move to a new window/Move to New Window

	- Inactive tabs aren't drawn with the proper theme colours

o Edit menu

	- What's the usefulness of 'Insert User Name'?

	- s/Insert Date\/Time/Insert Date and Time...
		- dialog title is wrong
		- Insert button doesn't theme
		- <auspex> remove radio buttons. Put an item in the list
		  'custom'. Put an entry for the custom format somewhere 
		  and leave it insensitive unless Custom is selected from
		  the list.

	- s/Preferences.../Preferences

	- Indent/Unindent don't theme properly

o View menu

	- Customize ... should be in the Preferences
		- <calum> The HIG actually recommends being able to override 
		  the desktop default in each app, but I'm not so sure 
		  that's a good idea now...
		- <eimi> neither of the status bar options seem worth 
		  customizing. They seem worthless.
	- s/Priority text beside icons/Text Beside Icons
		- <irene> Whereever the toolbar options end up, I'd suggest 
		  s/Icon and Text/Icons and Text
		  s/Priority Text beside Icons/Icons and Priority Text Only
	- ASCII Table seems a bit strange. Should it link to the Character Map?
	  or at least share the same name?

o Search menu

	- s/Goto line/Go to Line Number...

	- Should have a shortcut for Go to Line Number...
	- <calum> Would a 'Find Previous' command be useful (Shift+Ctrl+G)

	- Find Next should be greyed out if no previous find action has
	  been performed
	- s/Find/Find... - according to HIG

	- s/Replace/Replace... - according to HIG

o Tools menu

	- submenu 'Spelling' should be rolled into main menu

	- s/Check Spelling.../Check Spelling

	- s/Auto Spellcheck/Autocheck Spelling

	- s/Set Language/Set Language

	- s/Word Count/Document Statistics
		- <Gman> ewwwww!

	- s/Execute Shell Command/Run Command...

o Documents menu

	- Add numbers for the first 9 documents [for consistancy with the
	  recent documents option in the File menu]
	- RO [readonly] looks bizarre before the filenames in the Documents
	  menu - easier to see in the window list, if after

	- You should be able to edit a readonly document and then have the
	  option of saving it

o Replace dialog

	- plans to remove the 'Start From' part and implement a 'wrap 
	  around' checkbox

	- s/Case sensitive/Match case
	- Button order possibility -
		[Replace All] [Replace]   [Close] [Find]

o Go to dialog

	- s/Goto line/Go to Line

	- Same for the title bar, but lose the ellipsis

o Output window

	- broken keyboard navigation

	- <huey> a close button on the top left - not very common

	- FIXME: more stuff said, but got lost in the irc logs on this one

o Tag list plugin

	- <calum> Should have a Close button [for consistancy with ASCII table]

	- <calum> it might be nice if the actual tag was shown in the 
	  list too, to help you learn them...

	- <Eimi> shouldn't be a stripey list, unless that's an artifact
	  of the theme also

	- Remove column header [HIG says single-column lists shouldn't
	  have column headers]

o Shell output dialog

	- dialog title should match the menu item 'Run Command'

	- Remove icon - doesn't really add anything

	- s/Capture the command output/Show results in Output Window

o Compare dialog

	- s/Compare two files.../Compare Files in the window title of the 
	  compare dialog

	- <huey_> 1) are the 'documents' the currently open documents? 
		     if so make it clearer. 
		  2) the parentheses about the -u and -b option are 
		     unnecessary imho 
		  3) (far fetched) this window doesn't allow URI's 
		     to be compared. I'd say take the currently focused 
		     document as first and some other as second.

o Sort dialog

	- s/Close/Cancel

	- Remove the 'Sort Order' heading and just have a normal
	  label 'Order:' with two radio buttons

	- s/You will not be .../You cannot undo a sort operation

	- <auspex> http://www.phys.lsu.edu/students/merchan/shots/sort-dialog.png
	- <Gman> Update the stock sort icon depending on radio buttons?

o Word count dialog

	- remove the frame
	- maybe 'with[out] spaces' should be after the numbers, because then
	  the labels would be closer to the numbers

	- <calum> would be nice to remove the 'Close' button and just do 
	  an idle update 

o Open Location dialog

	- s/Open from URI/Open Location in the window title

o Save preference dialog

	- Needs mnemonic for the spinner

	- s/When saving/When saving an existing file
		- possibly 'Existing Files' ?

	- s/When creating a new file/When saving a new file
		- possibly 'New Files'

o Font color preference dialog

	- s/Font used by the editor:/Editor font:
	- we should have some consistancy with respect to 'use default font
	  here' or something - no real concrete suggestion given

	- s/Set tab widths equivalent/Set tab width

o Wrap mode preference dialog

	- Again, no real concrete suggestions

	- http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=82710

o Indents preference dialog

	- Checkbox label needs to be more descriptive. Suggestions from doc

	- <Breda> You could combine Tabs and Indents?
	- <calum> seems a bit weird having a whole tab with only one control

o Line numbers preference dialog

	- <calum> would be nice to combine with some other tab

o Encoding management preference dialog

	- Tab should be called 'Open' to match menu entry

	- 'Add' button shoudl be disabled until you select something in the

	- Add 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' labels on the up and down arrow

	- s/Encodings/Supported Encodings in the window title

o Undo preference dialog

	- <calum> Should have the following -

		(o) Limit to [n] actions
		( ) Unlimited undo

	  or words to that effect

o Print Page preference dialog

	- Wrap lines should be left indented
	- mnemonic needed for spinner

	- Need a better descriptive head 

	- Doesn't tell you what is in the page header - need a more descriptive
	  label [or indeed, a preview]

	- don't put 'at character boundaries' in braces
		- should perhaps be 'Enable text wrapping' to be consistant
	 	  with the Wrap Mode dialog?

	- s/headers/page headers

o Print Fonts preference dialog

	- Lots of 'Font used to print....'
		- perhaps just use 'Body:' 'Page headers:' and 'Line numbers:'

	- s/Restore default fonts/Restore Default Fonts

	- <Breda> combine two dialogs into one?
	- <calum> We should maybe use the same term for 'body font' and 
	  'font used by editor' [editor font] on the Font and Colors

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