Release Team "Staff" Changes ;-)

Hello everyone,

We have a small change to the release team line-up to announce...

A couple of weeks ago, Telsa asked if she could resign from the release
team... Naturally, we demanded that she find a suitable replacement before
leaving us, as she has been an incredible help since the early days of the
2.0 process!

Which she did, very successfully, roping Murray Cumming - whom you'll know
from his extensive work on the GNOME C++ bindings - into joining the team!
Murray has already taken to the unique chaos that is the GNOME Release Team
with aplomb.

Telsa is taking a rest break, and would like to get back to her favourite
GNOME things - bugs and docs - very soon.

Thanks very much to Telsa for her work with the release team over the past
year (it's easy to forget that it's been so long), we're going to miss you!
And thanks to Murray for energetically joining in the... fun?

Yes, FUN! Hooray!


- Jeff

                              Acts of random.                               

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