Re: libgnomeprint 2.0 or 2.2 preferred in GNOME 2.2?

Le dim 01/12/2002 à 03:12, Jeff Waugh a écrit :
> <quote who="Jody Goldberg">
> > > That will need some work, however, because they're not parallel installable
> > > as yet (at least in terms of file conflicts for packaged versions).
> > They should be parallel installable.  Can you give me a list of
> > conflicts and I'll tweak libgnomeprint-2.2 to fix them
> This was based on Frederic's troubles with Cooker packaging, though Murray
> said it was okay yesterday. I'll check with Frederic.

I've already sent a mail on gnome-print mailing list about probable bugs
in libgnomeprint(ui) 2.2 and parallel installable problem : here is the
copy :


I'm currently updating Mandrake cooker to GNOME 2.1.1 and I've found
some problems with libgnomeprint 2.1.1 :

in short : it is not parallel installable with libgnomeprint 2.0.x,
because it try to install some files (the libgnomeprint-2.0-font-install
binary, the .gmo files, and some data files in

Is it wanted (since libgnomeprint 2.1.x is not ABI compatible with
2.0.x) ? Or are those files supposed to replace files from 2.0.x and
libgnomeprint 2.0.x library will still be able to use them ?

In the same area, I think I've found a bug in
libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-media.c and gpa-vendor.c =>
DATADIR/gnome-print-2.0 is used to search for media/media.xml and
vendors files but these files (from libgnomeprint/data) are installed in
DATADIR/gnome-print-2.2/.. My guess this is a missing search&replace
(maybe the code should be changed to use a #define positionned on gcc
command line..) BTW, this is causing segfault in gedit..

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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